What is Glossaria?

What is Glossaria?

Glossaria gives the learner an arsenal of words which she can use to describe or define any concept in the language or languages she’s studying. This method allows the student to use her language more quickly, and come to define the world around herself in terms of the language(s) which she is learning.

This is also helpful in communication. For example, Björk was talking to a reporter once about movies and couldn’t think of the English word ‘projector’. However, she could make her point clear by talking about “the machine that throws the pictures.” If our student has learned a language with Glossaria, she will be able to do the same thing- she will be able to understand and describe a concept without necessarily knowing the word for it. Surely you can think of times when you’ve followed this strategy even in your own mother tongue!

We also encourage the study of related languages, since languages in the same family have many similarities to each other. If you know Swedish, learning Dutch will be easier- and open you up to a whole new culture, literature, history, and people with less effort.

Glossaria.info will provide its vocabulary lists in numerous in numerous formats (.xml, .csv, .mem, .anki, &c.) to allow editing and the broadest use of our content. The site itself will feature its own spaced repetition system optimized to review the vocabulary, isolated as well as in context. It will also have a cross-referencing grammar review system, with a modular approach, that utilizes the vocabulary learned. This system will allow users to start using their languages very quickly.

In addition to this core functionality we hope to maximize the social aspects of learning. Social learning and social teaching, are very powerful motivators. Glossaria will give tools to Internet language learning communities that will maximize their effectiveness and ease of interaction.

Our website opens in 2011.

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Posted: February 12th, 2011
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